Releases Vinyls:

Similarmind – Hardon EP (Dance Beat Records DB1207)

Section One – Falun EP (Primevil  PRVL 009)

Section One – Stora Stöten EP (Refill Records  REFILL002)

Section One – Falukorv EP (Clear Blu Records CLEAR002)

Section One – Section One Vs. Pat. H. EP (Refill Records REFILL005)

Section One – Rhythmic EP (Refill Records REFILL008)

Section One Vs Winroth – Spank The Monkey Ep (Refill Records REFILL011)

Section One Vs Winroth – Spank Remixes Ep (Absorb Projects Rmx) (Refill Records  REFILL014)

G11 – Toona Toast EP (Refill Records REFILL003)

Rotary Outputs – Ep One (Refill Records REFILL004)

Rotary Outputs – EP Two (Refill Records REFILL009)

Absorb Project – Methods of control ep (Ghost Trax GHOST001)

The M Men – Feel Real (Tune Inn LTD TIRLTD001)

The M Men – Andetag (Tune Inn LTD TIRLTD002)

The M Men Vs Absorb Projects – Going Round my head (Tune Inn TLD 003)

The M Men – Do It Right  (Tune Inn LTD 004)

The M Men – High Pitch Tone (Tune Inn LTD 005)

Section One – Special Volume 8 (Patterns PATRNSPEC 8.5)

Various Vinyl:

Variuos artists – The Battle 12″    (Refill Records 015) Section One – Reversed Reaction

Digital Labels:

Section One – Replaced EP (Heavy Industries hi011)

Absorb Projects – Homeless EP (Urbantorque Recordings Digital UTD04)

Absorb Projects – Motion Mine (Brown Eyed Boyz Records)

Absorb Projects – Waterdrops (Macarize Records (MRIZE060)

Absorb Projects  – Organic Ep (LowBit Records LBR107)

Section One – Bpm Owns You (Yin Allstars EP 6) (Yin Yang Records YYR038)

Section One –  Overdrive  EP  (Creed Records CREED083)

Absorb Projects – Motions EP (Pineapple Digital PD118)

Section One – Kamouflage EP (Tesla Records TSL006)

Section One – All I Have Is My Chords EP (Yin Yang Records YYR190)

Section One – Oddities EP (Unaffected Records UARBLACK024)

Section One – Submersible  (Yin Yang Records YYR200)

Section One – Physics EP   (Yin Yang Records YYR226)

Absorb Projects – Stars And Shadows EP  (Pineapple Digital PD215)

Section One – Arcadia EP (Yin Yang Records YYR263)


Sphere – Gravity (The M-Men Haunted Mix) (Tune Inn Records 005 D2)

Prototype – Control Of Sound  (The M-Men Remix) (Tune Inn Records 007 D1)

TBO & Vega – Cosmic Space (The M-Men Remix)

Jens Winroth – Corner Pump Ep (Green Chair Crasher – Section One Rmx) (Refill Records 010)

Raindancer – Sleepless  (Sleepless – Absorb Projects Rmx)  (Ninthwave Records  NW10021-1)  (Cd-Maxi)

Spray – I Am Gothic (Absorb Projects Rmx) (Ninthwave Records NW10028-2)

Pedro Delgardo – The Funk (Section One Rmx)  (Yin Yang Records YYR 003)

Pedro Delgardo – Tango (Section One Rmx) (Yin Yang Records YYR 004]

Pedro Delgardo – 818 Electro Remixes (Section One Rmx) (Yin Yang Records YYR 008)

Hertz – Kicks (Section One Rmx) (Sway SWAY011)

Gray – Awakening (Section One Rmx) (Yin Yang Records YYR 012)

Pedro Delgardo & Phil Walls – Acid Future (Section One Rmx) (Yin Yang Records YYR014)

Claes Rosen – Mystify (Absorb Projects Rmx) (Discoteca Music)

Kosmas Epsilon – Cookies (Absorb Projects Rmx) (Brown Eyed Boyz Records)

Nick Waters & David Hopperman – Pacific (Absorb Projects Rmx) (Brown Eyed Boyz Records)

Jay FM – On The Move (Absorb Projects Remix)  (Nueva Digital ND086)

Rydel & Bloody J – Instant Classic (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR035)

Tomas Drex & Andre Lesu – Thats Our Fire (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR095)

Steve Shaden – Bring it back (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR099)

Konvert – Symbol #1 (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR108)

Fabio Piletto – Lift Your Body (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR127)

DJ Veljko Jovic – Asylum (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR135)

Blanik – Ambush (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR137)

DJ Veljko Jovic – Nothing To Prove (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR143)

Jean Agoriia – Independenza (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR153)

Vincent Hiest & Digital Session – Blow Her Top (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR165)

Benou – Cold Sweat (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR167)

Van Czar – Technosis (Section One Remix) (Unaffected Records UARBLACK005)

Kleen Kutz & Rivet Spinners – Trauma (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR178)

LAKAC ft. Dj Formick – Heart Sound (Section One Remix) (I Am Different IAD007)

Pilipe Barbosa – R7 (Section One Remix) (Envenom Records 073)

Laura D´Agostino – Arhythmics (Section One Remix) (Unaffected Records UARBLACK012)

Valerio Panizio – Amber Shades (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR187)

LNO – Negative Experience (Section One Remix) (Unaffected Records UARBLACK022)

Drzneday – Oracle (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR196)

Drzneday – Trouble (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR201)

Coquillage & Crustace – Make Me Move (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR206)

Kamil Van Derson – Delay (Section One Remix) (Unaffected Records  UARBLACK027)

Jorhero – Warlock  (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR212)

Mark EG – M.u.s.i.c (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR218)

Elvis Xhema – Get My Money Back (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR223)

Drzneday Feat. Sanka – Trapped [Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR229)

Kreisel – Doom (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR230)

Fabio Guarriello – Do Not Forget (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR233)

Elvis Xhema – Tender Love (Section One Remix) (Yin Yang Records YYR234)

G8 – Body Shake (Section One Remix) Yin Yang Records YYR242)

Chris Craig – Either (Section One Remix) Yin Yang Records YYR245)

Elvis Xhema – Deepest Place On Earth (Section One Remix) Yin Yang Records YYR250)

Yigitoglu – Story Of The Moon (Section One Remix) Yin Yang Records YYR258)

Elvis Xhema – Keep Telling Me (Section One Remix) Yin Yang Records YYR271)

Nik Noriz – Crucial Moment (Section One Remix) Keep On Techno Records KOT111

 Compilations / Mix Cd’s:

The Techno Life 1  (Play It Loud PLAY CD 03) Section One – Pat.H.- Arc ”section one mix”

This is for you – mixed and selected by Leandro Gamez mix cd (Neutonmusic) Section One – Untittled track

Rotary Outputs – 005 Rotary Outputs – 001

Transcendental Euphoria Mixed By Dave Pearce (Telstar TV TTVCD3155) The M-Men – Feel Real

Fast Car Hard House Mixed By Blu Peter (Fast Car Magazine FC017) The M-Men – Ta Ett Djupt Andetag

Endangered Mixes Volume 2 (Primate Endangered Species APECD 003) Section One – Lubricate

The Battle – Djupsnö (Refill Records) Section One – Solid Sound

The Battle – Armistice (Night Lights) Section One – Lights Inside

Heavy Industries – Phase02 (Heavy Industries hi010) Section One – Metal Mode

Hertz – Presents: Perspective (ELP Medien & Verlags GmbH ELP33049CD) Hertz – Kicks (Section One Rmx)

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